I have profited greatly by people sharing their knowledge in tutorials and blog posts. I’m happy to pay it forward! In addition to this blog, I have articles on Instructables and I publish the slideshows of all my speeches on SlideShare or Prezi.


  1. Adjustable Face Jack-O-Lantern – How I designed and modeled the moving part Dial-O-Lantern in Blender.
  2. Library of Congress Ornament – A winner of the first White House 3D Printed Ornament Design Competition, this article on modeling the ornament in Blender scored me a trip to the White House


  1. 3D Printing without Owning a 3D Printer – No printer, no problem. You can still get involved with 3D printing by using sites like Shapeways and 3DHubs.
  2. 3D Design with OpenSCAD – Can you copy and paste? Then you can model. OpenSCAD is a text-based modeling software, with lots of example code out there.
  3. TinkerCAD for 3D Printing – Advertised as the “easiest fiercest 3D modeling software around”, TinkerCAD is easy to learn and a quick way to get started making your 3D models.
  4. Blender and Bezier Curves for 3D Printing – Blender is by far the modeling software I use the most and Bezier curves have served me quite well. This presentation goes step by step at how a background image can be traced with Bezier curves and made into a 3D object.

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