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Greetings, my name is Vicky! I’m a computer programmer, a mommy of two young sons, and 3D Printing enthusiast! My 3D Printing journey began with BREASTFEEDING! When my second son was an infant, a friend of mine started selling Origami Owl lockets. The concept is you buy a glass locket and then you buy charms to put inside it to “tell your story.” At the time, a big part of my story was breastfeeding. Alas, Origami Owl did not have a breastfeeding charm, but that is the beauty of 3D printing! I am not bound to buy what other people decided to manufacture and market. I can make what *I* want. I taught myself Blender (with a huge shout out to all the ample tutorials made by the Blender community, particularly Jonathan Williamson) and made myself a very simple model based on the Public Domain International Symbol of Breastfeeding. I didn’t own a 3D Printer, but no worries on that front, not when there are 3D printing service companies out there like Shapeways. I ordered my print and about a week later, my Origami Owl locket was sporting a breastfeeding charm. And just like that, I was hooked.

In March of 2015 my family surprised me for my birthday with a 3D Printer of my very own– a MakerGear M2. I *thought* I loved 3D printing before, but boy, I had no idea. I’ve been expanding my knowledge daily…and become quite the little filament hoarder.

I love speaking about 3D modeling and printing. I love teaching and am happy to share everything I’ve learned so far. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Email: Vicky[at]tgaw[dot]com
Twitter: @TGAW
Instagram: @VickyTGAW

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  1. I’m a printer myself, and I’ve been printing my friends and family their favorite animals for Christmas gifts. My grandmother’s favorite is a Cardinal. After some searching, you have the only 3d Cardinal that isn’t a sports logo.

    I realize that you have a business with etsy and I’d be willing to pay the list price for a copy of the .stl file so I can make it myself. It’s important to me that my gifts are handmade by me. I’m just sentimental like that.

    Sincerely, Lee.

    1. One more thing, I realize as a complete stranger you have no reason to trust me but I have no interest in stealing your design or competing on etsy.

      1. And I was a complete stranger to Designer EHM on Thingiverse, but she still granted me licensing to include her Cork Puppy at a craft show. : )

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