3D Printed Ornaments – Strategies for Hanging and Balancing

Tis the season for 3D Printed Ornaments! In this video, I’ll go over some techniques and approaches I have used in my ornaments to hang and balance them.

0:43 – Poke a Hole in the Piece for a Ribbon or Hook
1:18 – Glue Two Mirrored Pieces Together
2:31 – Include Your Own 3D Printed Clasp into the Design
3:35 – Embed Split/Jump Rings into your Design
5:14 – Using Blender for Guidance on the Center of Gravity
6:54 – Adding a Symmetrical Base
7:16 – Adding a Hidden Counterweight

If you are interested in my Etsy shop, that can be found at https://www.etsy.com/shop/vickytgaw Thanks for watching! Have a great day!

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