Using Blender’s Curve Modifier for 3D Printing

In this video, we discuss Blender’s Curve Modifier. I do a quick overview of its usage then I share a variety of projects I have used it in to give you an idea of the capabilities. A lot of my Curve Modifier progress was the product of “brute force”. I end the video with some tips to hopefully help your journey go a bit smoother. 🙂

00:39 – Overview of Curve Modifier

Example Projects
02:05 – Maker Coin – Curving Horizontal Text
02:24 – Custom Gazebo – Curving Vertical Text
02:40 – I Ching Coffee Cup – Curves Can Have Sharp Edges Like Hexagons 03:00 – Standing Cancer Ribbon – 3D Curves
03:33 – “Dial-O-Lantern” – Curving Faces to Carve Out of a Pumpkin
04:14 – Soda Can Cuff Bracelets – Modeling Flat and Curving at the End
04:40 – Cthulhu Air Plant Holder – Real-Time Design Changes ‘

06:01 – Curves Have Direction
07:08 – Watch Out for Negative Scales
08:00 – Impact of Object Origins
10:51 – More Vertices are Better

New to Blender?
If you are looking for a good video-based introductory course to Blender, I recommend the online courses by JWall at Print That Thing.

Photo Credit
Pond by Kaveh…

Thank you for watching. Happy Modeling and Printing!