Wine Cork Turkeys

My latest upcycling 3D Printing project is a Turkey Centerpiece feature 24 of my mother’s wine corks. This is my first model uploaded to Prusa Printers!…

3:53 – Slicing Snippet (with Cura) – Don’t forget the hypotenuse of a triangle is greater than its parts. Practical application – try rotate for fitting larger parts.
4:57 – Blender Bit – By default Blender rotates around an object’s origin (usually the center of mass). You can change either your object’s origin or the pivot point to better control your rotations.

When printing the head, this is where I do my color switches:
0 – 25mm – Brown (in 0.25 mm layers)
25 – 25.40 – White (in 0.10mm layers)
25.40 – 25.80 – Black (in 0.10 mm layers)
25.80 – 26.20 – Orange (in 0.10 layers)
26.20 – End – Burgundy (in 0.10 layers)

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