Surprise PokeStop in AstroPrint Video on SAND!

I fell in love with this tweet by AstroPrint immediately.  He was filling a print with Sand, an experiment near and dear to my heart.  And then, I saw it!  My Spinning PokeStop Model in his video!

What a thrill. This kinda makes me want to release more of my models. : )

One Weekend, Two Live Streams

My “day job” has been demanding extra attention which has been leaving my own TGAW 3D Channel a little neglected.  Thanks to some community hangouts, however, I’m still making some appearances on YouTube.  This weekend, I participated in about 4 1/2 hours of live streams.

Friday 3D Printing Community Hangout

This week the Friday 3D Printing Community Hangout was hosted by Nilla Bean. The topic was a fascinating one– Community Outreach. This one was one of my favorite discussions and there were a few surprises in the mix. Josh Ajima from Design Make Teach was able to join us despite short notice and a busy week of STEM Camp and speaking at the International Society for Technology in Education conference in Houston. Another surprise guest– Chuck Hellebuyck from Filament Friday fame.  He started off with a bang with a wonderfully inspiring endorsement of Snap Circuits.

I usually try to get myself off the stream at midnight my time. This week, the conversation was so fascinating, I stayed on an extra hour. Great stream, team!

For more information about the Friday Night 3D Printing Community Live Stream, you can follow F3DPCH on Twitter or on the brand new F3DPCH Facebook Group

Ladies of 3D Printing Live Stream

Just about 11 hours after I signed off of #F3DCH, I joined a group of talented women on the 3D Printing Ladies Live Stream!  We continued the discussion of Community Outreach and chatted about some technical stuff like 0.25mm nozzles.

This discussion will stick with me a while.  A community question from 3D Printed Aspie on STEM versus STEAM made me realize how fitting it is that I have a photo of Kurt Vonnegut hanging above my MakerGear M2.

Another highlight– a cameo from my oldest son, Sagan, to give Joel Telling (his favorite YouTuber) an on-air high five.   Oooh and also my bird, Blue Tail Talon Scream, made his YouTube debut.

Full links of my talented lady friends are below:

Lauren (Abuzzdesigns):…
Clare (makeandfake):
Vicky (TGAW):…
Molly (NeoPortnoy):…
Heather (3dpinkmafia)

The 3D Printing Ladies Live Stream airs the first Saturday of each month.  Keep an eye on Twitter for the August episode!


Did My Suggestion Make It Into the June Maker Box?

Back in April I heard some exciting news about Maker Box. In celebration of “International Women in Engineering Week”, Maker Box was going to make June’s shipment to be Ladies’ Choice. I was asked if I had any recommendations. One of my suggestions– ColorFabb corkFill.

Earlier today I was introduced to a new 3D Printing Family at the YouTube Channel FunKing3D. And what do you know, their latest video was a June MakerBox Unboxing. One of the selections– CorkFill! Coincidence? 🙂

My other suggestions were some “Ada Lovelace Lavender” and “Grace Hopper Grey”. Sadly, I did not see my fictitious, completely made up colors included. 🙂

Awesome Make of the “From Failure, Comes Knowledge” Maker Coin

Eagle eye social media star Heather from A Pyro Design spotted my Maker Coin on Twitter.  What a fantastic “make” of the English Version of the Maker Coin!