Using Inkscape and Tinkercad to Customize Halloween Pendants


My very first Thingiverse upload was glowing pumpkin pendants/pins for kids.  This video hits briefly on how I print these via Multi-processes in Simplify3D (Spoiler alert – they are three separate prints).  It will also show you how you can import in the pendant template into TinkerCAD and quickly make your own customizations.  Finally, have a drawing you want to use?  I’ll go over using Inkscape to make a SVG file from a black and white image/photo/scan that you can also pull into TinkerCAD to “carve” your pumpkin.
All the pumpkin models, including the template are up on Thingiverse at:
Need help with Simplify3D Multiple Processes?  I learned from THIS Joel Telling video:
TinkerCAD is free with nothing to install–
Finally, Inkscape is also free and can be downloaded at
The Starting and Stopping Points of My Processes
0 – 1.5mm – Black or Green
1.5 – 2mm – GlowFill
2mm – rest – Orange

A Companion Piece for the Spinning PokeStop

Yeah, yeah.  I’m slow at making my own videos.  Luckily there are content creators out there who are on their A-game.  Such is the case of Michael Phelps.  He not only printed my Spinning PokeStop.  He not only made a video on the model… but he also modeled and printed a companion piece for it.  He designed a stand to make my PokeStop ornament into an actual PokeStop.  Please check out his video!