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Total Eclipse Necklace, Samoyed, Blue-Footed Booby, German Shepard on Etsy

I added some new Etsy listings over the weekend!!!  Enjoy!

EtsyEclipseNecklace Total Solar Eclipse Necklace
Celebrating the totality on August 21, 2017, I made myself a 3D printed necklace.
Blue-Footed Booby Magnet
Thinking about Darwin and the Galapagos Islands, I added the Blue-Footed Booby to my 3D Printed Aviary.
EtsySamoyed Samoyed Magnet
By request, I have started making dog magnets. Love how the cuddly, fluffy Samoyed turned out, particularly his pink tongue.
German Shepard Magnet
Adding to my dog collection– German Shepard

Etsy Updates – School Bus Wine Stoppers, Standing Cancer Ribbons, More Bow Ties

This morning I caught up on a few things for my Etsy site. New listings now available for perusal:

BlackBowTie Black 3D Printed Bow Tie
A few months ago, I got a rushed custom order from someone looking for a Black Bow Tie for a wedding. They had a good idea and I’ll make sure to keep a black “tuxedo-ready” version in stock for the future.
Brown, Wood-Like Bow-Tie
I inadvertently discovered the Brown Plastic version of the Bow Tie looks just as good as the Wooden One. Since this material is a little less finicky, I can offer it for a lower price than the full blown wood… just in time for Father’s Day!
BusStopper School Bus Wine Stopper
A great gift for your favorite retiring School Bus Driver! After about a dozen custom orders, I decided to finally list my School Bus Wine Stopper up on Etsy.
Standing Cancer Ribbon
This is another one where custom orders have enticed me to make an Etsy listing. The Standing Cancer Ribbon can be customized in color and inscription.

First Thingiverse Remix!

Last week, thinking about how much I have gained from the generous licensing of Thingiverse designers (such as RosieCampbell, Liz Havlin, EHM), I decided to pay it back a little bit and I made my Glowing Pumpkin Pendant/Pin available on Thingiverse. I even marked it as good for Remix and Commercial use.

3D Printing - Glowing Pumpkin Pendant - Face Options

A week later, my design has its first Remix! A gentleman from the Ukraine adapted it into a keychain! And interestingly enough, he printed it in a single color… and it looks fantastic!

Ukraine Pumpkin

Just like the Mill House Museum Ornament, I’m glad to see my colored design translates well to a single color! : )

P.S. If you don’t have a printer, I do have prints of the original Glowing Pumpkin Pendant/Pin listed on Etsy.

Virginia is for Wine Lovers Bottle Stopper

Preparing for the Occoquan Arts and Craft Show, I thought about the extra SS Niles Bottle Stoppers I had on hand. I asked my co-workers if they had any ideas for wine stoppers I could do for the craft show. They all had great ideas, but one stood out above the rest.

“What about instead of ‘Virginia is for Lovers’ [our state’s ad slogan], you have something that says ‘Virginia is for Wine Lovers’?”

Well that sounded like an excellent idea and it did seem like it would go over well with the crowd. But I wanted to see if it was an unique idea…. and not so much. A Google image search showed a lot of products with that saying.

Virginia is For Wine Lovers - Other Products

Now here’s the silver lining of being a busy working mother with limited time to 3D Print. You are naturally going to discriminate what you spend your time modeling and printing. So I reflected on how I could take that concept and make it unique and fresh– make it worth spending time one. I did some doodling and all of a sudden it occurred to me. That Commonwealth of Virginia…. it sort of looks like a bunch of grapes.

So instead of printing the slogan, “Virginia is for Wine Lovers”, I decided to model grapes… in the form of Virginia.

Virginia is for Wine Lovers Sketch

Modeling and printing took a few iterations to get it to the point where I was satisfied. All that tweaking paid off. I’m totally in love with it. In fact, I went and ordered 20 more bottle stoppers so we can have more on hand for the Occoquan Fall Arts and Craft Show.

3D Printing - Virginia is for Wine Lovers Wine Stopper (Close)

And if you can’t make it to the show, I do have the Virginia is for Wine Lovers Wine Stopper up on Etsy

Print Diary – Cork Puppies, An Injury, First Etsy Sale!

Greetings All! Another busy, busy week preparing for the Occoquan Fall Arts and Craft Show. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

Achievement Unlocked – First Injury???
And….. I suffered my first 3D Printing injury. You know how I was reveling in the benefits of printing on the painter’s tape? One of the “perks” is the items stick so well to the tape, I need to use a scraper to get them off. I like to consider myself typically a smart individual, but Tuesday I made a very un-smart decision as to where I placed my thumb. I sliced right into it.

3D Printing - Injury

Good news– I didn’t get stitches (I used to verb “get” instead of “need”– because it was borderline).
Bad news– it is steri-stripped and all wrapped up to keep immobile.
Good news- now my Mom, my four year old ad my husband get to do raft removal. Muahaha : )

3D Printing - Raft Removal with Ryan and Mom

Cooling Fan
Eight days ago, I had a victory when I replaced my 50mm Cooling Fan. I know, that’s not normally a victory, but you have to keep in mind that I am a software person. Anything remotely hardware related is an immediate victory for me.

That cooling fan was perfect for 8 days. Then yesterday some filament fell into it… again… and snapped a blade…again.

I’m officially adding M107 to all my ending GCodes.

Cork Puppy Licensed!
I heard back from Thingiverse Designer EHM and she gave me permission to sell the Cork Puppy at the Craft Show! This week, we’ve printed a mini army of Cork Puppies.

Cork Kitty
To compliment the Cork Puppy, I designed a little Cork Kitty. I tried to match Designer EHM’s style for the puppy. My two year old instantly pointed and said “Cat”, so it seems I was successful in making the species of domestic animal identifiable. At least to two year olds. : )

Companion piece to Designer EHM's Cork Puppy-- the Cork Kitty.  #3DPrinting

First Etsy Sale!
Holy crap, Internet. I already had my first Etsy sale. I wasn’t going to promote my shop until October. I haven’t even told my closest girlfriend that my shop is up. But someone found me and bought something! AND they left the most amazing review.

First Etsy Review

This is very different from my listings on Shapeways where you often have to actively promote to get the word out. Tracy Hazzard from HazzDesign had mentioned to me a while back that Etsy is a buying platform and people know to go there when they are shopping, whereas they may not necessarily think to go over to Shapeways. My experience so far, seems to support her claim.