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Surprise PokeStop in AstroPrint Video on SAND!

I fell in love with this tweet by AstroPrint immediately.  He was filling a print with Sand, an experiment near and dear to my heart.  And then, I saw it!  My Spinning PokeStop Model in his video!

What a thrill. This kinda makes me want to release more of my models. : )

Awesome Make of the “From Failure, Comes Knowledge” Maker Coin

Eagle eye social media star Heather from A Pyro Design spotted my Maker Coin on Twitter.  What a fantastic “make” of the English Version of the Maker Coin!

Prints in Action! GoPro Mount for SpaceOne 220x

A friend of mine who is a drone-enthusiast recently starting dabbling in Fusion 360. He designed himself a GoPro Mount for his SpaceOne 220x which I printed over here on the Wanhao Duplicator i3. It ended up being a pretty darn sweet deal for me. Quick easy print and I got a free sushi dinner out of the gig (not to mention great company over the meal).

Now that the weather is warm, my friend is flying more frequently and I’m finding it delightful to see the print in action… or rather what the print helps records while in action. The latest video is below. You can also check out his channel at Pokey FPV.

If you need a GoPro Mount for your SpaceOne220x, you can download the model on Thingiverse.

I could, of course, print it for you. It’ll cost you some sushi! 🙂

A Companion Piece for the Spinning PokeStop

Yeah, yeah.  I’m slow at making my own videos.  Luckily there are content creators out there who are on their A-game.  Such is the case of Michael Phelps.  He not only printed my Spinning PokeStop.  He not only made a video on the model… but he also modeled and printed a companion piece for it.  He designed a stand to make my PokeStop ornament into an actual PokeStop.  Please check out his video!