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TGAW 3D on InsideNova

For 50 years, the town I grew up in has been having a large craft show each September. We always attended as children, but I never expected I would have a craft worthy enough to be in the show. But five years ago, I brought the show’s very first 3D Printing booth. I continued to represent 3D Printing again this year for the show’s 50th Anniversary. I managed to sneak into coverage of the show by InsideNova.

Occoquan Draws Large Crowd for 50th Fall Arts and Craft Show

We The Rosies on Tested

The Tested coverage of the We The Rosies build was recently released on YouTube. I make a very subtle cameo. At 5 minutes 41 seconds in, they talk about a piece filled with women’s names. That’s one of our pieces from Occoquan! Also, if you are wondering what my handwriting looks like for “x10y17z6”, that question is answered 6 minutes and 17 seconds in.

Hat Tip to the multiple members of the 3D Printing Community who reached out and let me know they talked about my piece! 🙂

Cameo on 3D Printing Nerd Trailer

This morning I was watching Joel Telling’s new channel trailer for the 3D Printing Nerd channel and suddenly I was surprised to be looking at myself! Check out his trailing. I come in around 2 minutes and 46 seconds.