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Heart Helix DNA Inspired Pendants Back on Etsy!

In March, I had the delight of selling my last in stock Heart Helix Pendant to a pair of sisters who discovered each other… via 23andMe! It was a thrill to have my pendant be a part of their very first meeting. I did order a few more and those pendants are back in stock. You can find them on my Etsy site in Plated Gold, Plated Rose Gold, and Plated Rhodium (which looks like silver)

Heart Helix Pendant in Plated Gold, Plated Rose Gold, and Plated Rhodium

Blender and Bezier Curves for 3D Printing on SlideShare

The Northern Virginia Community College is working on a T-Shirt 3D Printer. They invited me to come by and show the students how they could use Blender and Bezier Curves to turn 2D ideas into simple 3D models for the T-Shirt Printer. I had an absolutely fantastic time, as I always do talking about 3D Printing. If you missed it, you can still follow along with my slides from SlideShare.

We The Rosies on Tested

The Tested coverage of the We The Rosies build was recently released on YouTube. I make a very subtle cameo. At 5 minutes 41 seconds in, they talk about a piece filled with women’s names. That’s one of our pieces from Occoquan! Also, if you are wondering what my handwriting looks like for “x10y17z6”, that question is answered 6 minutes and 17 seconds in.

Hat Tip to the multiple members of the 3D Printing Community who reached out and let me know they talked about my piece! 🙂

Derby Encouragement from Kai Wener

Sagan has gotten lots of touching messages and words of encouragement regarding The Orville 3D Printed Derby Car. This is one of my favorites– from the day of the derby:

Cork Kitty Model on Thingiverse

Now that Maker Faire Nova is behind me, I am aiming to get my Upcycling models up and available to download for the community. This model preexisted my recent Maker Faire Nova efforts. I designed this Cork Kitty as a companion piece to EHM’s Cork Puppy back in the summer of 2015. They have been popular at Craft Fairs and black cats are particularly popular at Halloween.

Cork Kitties - Group

For me, I found the model to be an unintimidating way to ease into painting prints. The raised details of the face lend themselves well to painting. I find brushes geared for miniature painting to work well. I use Majestic Royal and Langnickel Short Handle Paint Brush Set, Detail, 11-Piece (Affiliate link).

I typically make the eyes green and the nose and ears pink. You can add paint to the whiskers. A dark grey looks particularly striking on black cats. I have done custom orders on Etsy where we mimick the markings to real cats.

I had a friend put a slice through the cork to hold labels describing all the dishes at a Halloween party.

Occoquan Craft Show - Eight Black Cork Kitties
A Friend Used a Set of Black Cats as Buffet Labels for a Halloween Pot Luck

Although they are made from wine corks, I have found them to have appeal to children. They love playing for them! Happy making!

Children Playing with Cork Kitties

P.S. If you don’t have access to a 3D Printer and covet a Cork Kitty, you can purchase one from me on Etsy.

Cameo on 3D Printing Nerd Trailer

This morning I was watching Joel Telling’s new channel trailer for the 3D Printing Nerd channel and suddenly I was surprised to be looking at myself! Check out his trailing. I come in around 2 minutes and 46 seconds.