Using Blender’s Curve Modifier for 3D Printing

In this video, we discuss Blender’s Curve Modifier. I do a quick overview of its usage then I share a variety of projects I have used it in to give you an idea of the capabilities. A lot of my Curve Modifier progress was the product of “brute force”. I end the video with some tips to hopefully help your journey go a bit smoother. 🙂

00:39 – Overview of Curve Modifier

Example Projects
02:05 – Maker Coin – Curving Horizontal Text
02:24 – Custom Gazebo – Curving Vertical Text
02:40 – I Ching Coffee Cup – Curves Can Have Sharp Edges Like Hexagons 03:00 – Standing Cancer Ribbon – 3D Curves
03:33 – “Dial-O-Lantern” – Curving Faces to Carve Out of a Pumpkin
04:14 – Soda Can Cuff Bracelets – Modeling Flat and Curving at the End
04:40 – Cthulhu Air Plant Holder – Real-Time Design Changes ‘

06:01 – Curves Have Direction
07:08 – Watch Out for Negative Scales
08:00 – Impact of Object Origins
10:51 – More Vertices are Better

New to Blender?
If you are looking for a good video-based introductory course to Blender, I recommend the online courses by JWall at Print That Thing.

Photo Credit
Pond by Kaveh…

Thank you for watching. Happy Modeling and Printing!

Multiple Processes in Simplify3D…with a Raft

This video goes over an obscure scenario — a situation where you are using multi-processes in Simplify3D (as separate prints) and you want to use a raft.

02:25 – The challenge with rafts and multi-processes as separate prints
04:00 – Determining the height of your raft
07:07 – Raising the object to accommodate the raft
09:28 – Optional spot checking

If this rare situation applies to you, I hope this video helps. Thank you for watching!

3D Printed Ornaments – Strategies for Hanging and Balancing

Tis the season for 3D Printed Ornaments! In this video, I’ll go over some techniques and approaches I have used in my ornaments to hang and balance them.

0:43 – Poke a Hole in the Piece for a Ribbon or Hook
1:18 – Glue Two Mirrored Pieces Together
2:31 – Include Your Own 3D Printed Clasp into the Design
3:35 – Embed Split/Jump Rings into your Design
5:14 – Using Blender for Guidance on the Center of Gravity
6:54 – Adding a Symmetrical Base
7:16 – Adding a Hidden Counterweight

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Wine Cork Turkeys

My latest upcycling 3D Printing project is a Turkey Centerpiece feature 24 of my mother’s wine corks. This is my first model uploaded to Prusa Printers!…

3:53 – Slicing Snippet (with Cura) – Don’t forget the hypotenuse of a triangle is greater than its parts. Practical application – try rotate for fitting larger parts.
4:57 – Blender Bit – By default Blender rotates around an object’s origin (usually the center of mass). You can change either your object’s origin or the pivot point to better control your rotations.

When printing the head, this is where I do my color switches:
0 – 25mm – Brown (in 0.25 mm layers)
25 – 25.40 – White (in 0.10mm layers)
25.40 – 25.80 – Black (in 0.10 mm layers)
25.80 – 26.20 – Orange (in 0.10 layers)
26.20 – End – Burgundy (in 0.10 layers)

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Some of the Things I Did Not Make a Video On in 2019

Greetings All! Had some free time so here is a video of some of the things I did not make videos on in 2019. 🙂


Maker Faire Nova


Slicing Troubleshooting with Cura… Machine Maintenance and Troubleshooting…
3D Modeling Tour…

Things I Learned

TinkerCad Code Blocks – LOVE IT

Blender 2.8 Big thanks to Print That Thing’s Blender 2.8 Bootcamp! You can learn more about his Boot Camp at… and you can use the coupon code “tgaw75” to save 75%. Sometimes he runs promotions where you can save more! Designing for Dual Extrusion

Flattering Things

Women in 3D Printing Profile… TriMech’s 10 Most Influential Women in 3D Printing…

Blogging the trials and successes of 3D Modeling, 3D Printing…and trying to make a business out of the whole thing. : )